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  • 2015 Fall: Volume 14, Issue 2
  • Dignity, (Almost) Always Dignity: The Tone of CEO Departure Press Releases

    • Leslie Boni ;
    • Mary Anne Majadillas ;
    • Michelle M. Arthur

    Financial Flexibility the Moderating Role of Principal-principal Conflict

    • Stacey A. Estwick

    Firm Characteristics Over Time by Dividend Payment Pattern Firm Size

    • John Consler ;
    • Greg M. Lepak ;
    • Susan F. Havranek

    Local Government Debt, a Time-bomb for China’s Economy?

    • Zhou Ming Matt ;
    • Wang Man Cang ;
    • Ni Ming Ming

    How are Banks Valued? An Examination of Research Reports in Europe

    • José Luis Velasco ;
    • K. Matthew Wong