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  • 2007 Fall: Volume 5, Issue 2
  • Dividend Policy, Corporate Governance, and the Capital Markets

    • Kiyoung Chang ;
    • Eun Kang

    Conditional Market Risk-Return Relationship Revisited

    • Chu-Sheng Tai

    Online Portfolio Evaluation and Analysis in a Basic Investments Course

    • Eddie Ary

    January Returns Phenomena: Current Evidence for the Dow-Jones Industrials and for the NASDAQ

    • Charles R. Rayhorn ;
    • Kenneth R. Janson

    The Impact of Strikes on Shareholders' Wealth: Empirical Evidence from the 1990's

    • Yewmun Yip ;
    • Yuli Su ;
    • Sherry Wang

    Developing Financial Acumen within an Executive MBA Program

    • Janice M. Barrow ;
    • Grace O. Turner

    Household Income Distribution And Market Returns

    • Alonzo Redmon ;
    • Robert Howard

    Characteristics of Industrial Companies Stratified by Dividend Level and Risk

    • John Consler ;
    • Greg M. Lepak

    On The Incidence of Deposit Taxes

    • Dale K. Osborne ;
    • Tarek S. Zaher

    Portfolio Diversification in the European Union: A Country Beta Approach

    • G. N. Naidu ;
    • Askar Choudhury

    Timing the Market with Valuation and Trend

    • George Famy ;
    • Shalini E. Perumpral

    Life Cycle Funds: A "Stage in Life" Investment Alternative

    • George S. Swales, Jr. ;
    • C. Edward Chang ;
    • John S. Bowdidge

    'Today is a 7': A Test of Investing using Astrology

    • Joan C. Junkus

    Do Stock Options Encourage Managers to Take Risk?

    • Howard Qi ;
    • Peter Woodlock ;
    • Sheen Liu ;
    • Haiyang Chen

    Diversification Potential of Diversified International Securities: The Case of Country Fund and iShares

    • Rajarshi (Raj) Aroskar ;
    • William A. Ogden

    Market Volatility and Regulatory Governance in Emerging Markets

    • Jamshed Y. Uppal ;
    • Inayat U. Mangla

    An Examination of Board Meeting Frequency and CEO Characteristics: A Comparison of Dividend Paying and No-Dividend Firms

    • Aidong Hu ;
    • Vincent Richman

    Student Evaluations of Homework Assignments and Use of Technology in the Personal Finance Course

    • Raj Kohli K.

    Forget Foreign Relations. Consider China Strictly from the Viewpoint of Finance

    • C. Edward Chang ;
    • George S. Swales, Jr. ;
    • John S. Bowdidge

    Do Socially Responsible Mutual Funds Measure Up?

    • C. Edward Chang ;
    • James Philpot ;
    • George S. Swales, Jr.

    Case Study: Asset and Liability Management at Cumberland Valley National Bank & Trust

    • Chien-Chih Peng ;
    • Heather Dufour

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