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  • 2007 Summer: Volume 5, Issue 1
  • The Impact ofSarbanes-Oxley on Corporate Reporting of Working Capital

    • Jason Lin ;
    • Steve Jones

    Excel Charts: Why? What kind? How?

    • Robert J. Balik ;
    • Jamshid Mehran

    The Academy of Finance: Past, Present and Future, 1987-2007

    • Don T. Johnson ;
    • James Philpot

    Finance Students and Their Knowledge of the Euro: A Comparison of Students at Two Universities

    • Don T. Johnson ;
    • James Philpot

    A New Look at the Equity Premium Puzzle

    • Jeremy M. Alexander ;
    • Thomas P. Kochanek ;
    • Don T. Johnson

    Market Reactions to Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round

    • John J. Neumann ;
    • Peppi M. Kenny

    Interest Rate Sensitivity of Financial Institutions by Liquidity Risk: Evidence from U.S. PropertylLiability Insurers

    • Jin Park ;
    • Byeongyong Paul Choi

    Analyzing The Value of Proprietary Claims Under Uncertainty: A Real Options Approach

    • Nauzer Balsara ;
    • Andrea Vidozzi ;
    • Luca Vidozzi

    An Empirical Study on Value-Based Performance Measures, Stakeholder Satisfaction and Stock Prices

    • Reza Rahgozar

    Ethical Investment Constraints And Fund Performance

    • Lakshmi S. Narain

    The Effect of Changes in Financial Leverage on the Relation , Between Earnings and Stock Returns: Evidence from Korean Firms

    • Young S. Kwak ;
    • Jongdae Jin ;
    • Kyung Joo Lee

    The Shift From Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution Retirement Plans: Are College Students Ready?

    • Brian Porter

    Can Financial Services Mutual Fund Managers Add Value?

    • James Philpot

    Modeling Risk with Unit-variance Leptokurtic Fratcal Normal Statistics

    • James Stacey ;
    • Alex Faseruk

    Multivariate Stable Distributions and Value at Risk: The Case of the Asian Currency Crisis

    • David Basterfield ;
    • Thomas Bundt

    Does Index Investing Work Well in Sector Funds?

    • C. Edward Chang ;
    • George S. Swales, Jr. ;
    • Tsu-Hong Yen

    The Variability of Mutual Fund Performance Persistence in the Long-Run

    • Matt Maher ;
    • Harry White

    The Financial Games of the 2008 Olympics

    • George S. Swales, Jr. ;
    • C. Edward Chang ;
    • John S. Bowdidge

    The Information Content of Credit Ratings for Equity Investors

    • John Donahue ;
    • Dr. Joseph Riotto $lastName

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