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  • 2006 Fall: Volume 4, Issue 2
  • Detection of Multiple Beta Shifts in Monthly Returns Data

    • Thomas S. Howe ;
    • Ralph A. Pope

    Analysis of Investment Advisor Strategists' Predictions

    • Brian Hornberg ;
    • Thomas M. Krneger

    Impact of NASCAR Sponsorship Announcements on Shareholder Wealth: A Replication

    • Robert J. Balik ;
    • Jamshid Mehran

    Developing an Asset Allocation Strategy Using Morningstar Tools: A Project for the Beginning Personal Financial Planning Course

    • Susan Crain ;
    • James Pettijohn ;
    • Kent Ragan

    Does History (Financial) Repeat Itself? An Evaluation of Price Manipulation and Volatility in Two Emerging Markets in Asia

    • Inayat U. Mangla ;
    • Jamshed Y. Uppal ;
    • Mohsin Ijaz

    Share Repurchase Policies and CEO Compensations: An Empirical Examination

    • Aidong Hu

    Emerging Market Stocks: Higher Returns But at What Risk

    • George S. Swales, Jr. ;
    • John S. Bowdidge ;
    • C. Edward Chang


    • Ralph A. Pope ;
    • Ken Chinen

    Developing and Teaching an Online Course: Adventures in Cyberspace with Personal Finance Online

    • Eddie Ary

    Do Students with Grades Curved in Mathematics Prerequisites Perform Better or Worse in Business Finance?

    • Chien-Chih Peng

    Mutual Fund Managerial Ownership and Fund Performance

    • James Philpot ;
    • Stanley Adamson

    Contagion and Industry Risk

    • Chu-Sheng Tai

    Do Enhanced Index Funds Outperform Pure Index Funds?

    • C. Edward Chang ;
    • George S. Swales, Jr.

    Dollar-Cost Averaging Withdrawals: A Simulation Comparison of Interval Length and Timing

    • Brian Porter

    Long-Term Performance of ESOPs and Optimal Managerial Control

    • Weili Lu ;
    • Joseph Reising ;
    • Mark Hoven Stohs

    Long-run Risk-Adjusted Performance of IPOs in the Life Insurance Industry

    • Lal C. Chugh ;
    • Joseph W. Meador

    An Examination of the Super Bowl Anomaly: Is it Spurious or Real?

    • Charles Rayhorn ;
    • James Drosen

    Social Security Privatization: Has Its Time Arrived?

    • Ricardo M. Ulivi ;
    • Arleen Burnham

    Teaching Case Study to Finance Majors: A Class Room Experience

    • Raj K. Kohli

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