Volume 17

Issue 2

Fall 2018


Monzurul Hoque, Saint Xavier University

Associate Editors:

Thomas Krueger, Texas A&M University,Kingsville
Jamshed Uppal, Catholic University of America


Seth Hoelscher, Missouri State University
Peppi Kenny, Western Illinois University
Alex Meisami, Indiana University of South Bend
Cliff Moll, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Jayen Patel, Adelphi University
Walt Nelson, Missouri State University
Padmaja Pillutla, Western Illinois University - Quad Cities
John F. Robinson, Viterbo University
K. Matthew Wong, St. John’s University

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  • 2018 Fall: Volume 17, Issue 2
  • Manuscript Submission Guidelines and Comments.

    The Journal of Finance Issues accepts open submission of new scholarly empirical or theoretical papers in all areas of Finance including but not limited to Corporate Finance; Financial Institutions; International Finance; Portfolio & Security Analysis; Real Estate and Insurance & Risk Premium. The Academy of Finance supports and sponsors the journal.

    Electronic submission with a separate cover page containing the manuscript title, the name, position, and institutional affiliation of each author must be e-mailed to the editor. The body of the manuscript should contain no identification of author(s). At least two reviewers evaluate all manuscripts anonymously. The manuscript must not have been published previously or submitted elsewhere while under review by the JFI. Submission fee is $75 per paper. No fees for granted resubmissions. In case payment is made using a check, please make it payable to Academy of Finance. The email for submission is jfi@sxu.edu.

    The JFI publishes at least two issues every year. Authors of accepted submissions will be asked to submit a JFI formatted copy of an electronic copy, using Microsoft Word. Address manuscript and correspondence concerning JFI to the editor.

    Monzurul Hoque, Editor
    Saint Xavier University
    Graham School of Management
    3825 West 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60655
    Telephone (773) 298-3600; Fax (773) 298-3616
    Email: hoque@sxu.edu

    Publication Fee and Final Submission. Authors of all accepted articles must pay a publication fee per article. Also, a $20 per page fee for all pages over the ten pages limit if the article is more than ten pages. Authors of the accepted articles may be sent a PDF template to electronically submit their final article according to the template.

    The Editorial Board, Saint Xavier University (SXU), the publisher, or the Academy of Finance assume no responsibility for the views expressed by authors in the Journal of the Finance Issues.

    JFI Format

    FOR ILLUSTRATIVE SAMPLES, PLEASE SEE online papers at http://jofi.aof-mbaa.org/journal-issues-index/

    The format of the paper must be as follows:

    I. Main Text

    The main text of the paper should be typed in Times New Roman (TNR) font size 12 and fully justified.  There should be one blank line between each subsection (or subheadings) and between each paragraph.  First line of all new paragraphs must be indented.  All Sections should be numbered with capitalized bold faced Roman numeral. All Equations, Tables and Graphs should be embedded in the article not to be placed at the end of the paper. References should be single spaced. 

    II. First page should include:

    Title of the paper (bold face font and initial letters should be capitalized).

    Names of all authors below the title (no bold face font and initial letters should be capitalized). 

    At the bottom of the first page:

    Affiliation of all authors in 8 font size.  Please make sure that the footnote mark on the name is set to blank - NOT ANY OTHER SYMBOL or NUMBER.

    Abstract (bold face font)

    The main text of the abstract (regular font TNR 12)  

    Name of the next subsection or subheading (indented left and bold face font numbered with Roman numerals)

    The main text of these subsections must be regular font TNR 12.

    Please continue this format for the remainder of the paper.    Please note authors’ names appear only on the first page.

    III. Headers and footers:

    No header for the first page.

    Font size 8, Times new Roman for headers and footers. 

    Header for odd numbered pages – Aligned right, only one line, last names of authors and partial or full title of the paper.

    Header for even numbered pages – Aligned left, only one line, Journal of the Finance Issues.

    Footer odd pages – Page number aligned right.

    Footer even number pages – Page number aligned left.

    IV. References and Tables

    References to other publications must be in APA style: http://www.apastyle.org/index.aspx

    and http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx.

    All Tables and Figures inserted in the paper should be in Excel format.