Volume 6

Issue 2

Fall 2008


Monzurul Hoque, Saint Xavier University

Associate Editors:

Thomas Krueger, Texas A&M University,Kingsville
Inayat Ullah Mangla, Western Michigan University


Sheri Faircloth, University of Nevada, Reno
Raj Kohli, Indiana University of South Bend
Hamid Moini, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
Donald Swanton, Roosevelt University
Mark A. Wrolstad, Winona University

Guest Editors:

Robert Balik, Western Michigan University
Jamshid Mehran, Indiana University of South Bend

Editor's Assistant:

Rashid Halloway, Saint Xavier University

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  • 2008 Fall: Volume 6, Issue 2
  • Indications of Risk: Standard Deviation of Returns or VaR of Terminal Wealth?

    • Raja Bouzouita ;
    • Arthur J. Young

    The Financial Performance of SRI Excluded Firms

    • Thomas Berry ;
    • Joan Junkus

    Group Think in Financial Analysis? A Multivariate Study

    • Robert L. Webster

    Does Investing in Interim-Terms Pay Dividends?

    • Lise Graham ;
    • Thomas Krueger

    Mutual Funds with Hedge Fund Characteristics: Diversification Benefits and Costs

    • Phil Fry ;
    • Keith Harvey ;
    • Matt Maher ;
    • Harry White


    • John S. Bowdidge ;
    • George S. Swales, Jr. ;
    • C. Edward Chang

    On the Pricing of Credit Risk in Eurocurrency Market

    • Chu-Sheng Tai

    Investor and Management Commitment in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

    • Kent Hickman ;
    • Mark Shrader ;
    • Danielle Xu

    Enriching a Personal Finance Class with Free Online Video Clips

    • Eddie Ary ;
    • James Files ;
    • Bryan McKinney

    NASDAQ Sector Returns and Market Conditions

    • Jayen B. Patel

    Managerial Decisions and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital

    • K. Matthew Wong

    Financing of Entrepreneurial Ventures

    • Kashi Nath Tiwari

    A Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Practices of Australian and U.S. Financial Services Firms

    • Craig A. Kelley ;
    • Ralph A. Pope ;
    • Martha C. Wilson

    A Case Study of Firm Valuation Measures and the Reversal of Fortune Among 7 Rivers Equity Index Firms

    • Thomas M. Krueger

    The Effect of Federal Open Market Committee on Major Stock Market Indexes

    • Jason Lin ;
    • Justin Junkel

    Decision Rules, Candlesticks, and Spreadsheets in Teaching Market Efficiency

    • Marshall J. Horton ;
    • James Files

    Restructuring Household Finances to Prepare for Home Ownership: A Class Exercise

    • Walt A. Nelson ;
    • James R. Scott

    Benjamin Graham Revisited

    • Robert Balik ;
    • Jamshid Mehran

    Board Independence and Firm Performance: Case of Small-Cap Firms

    • Sharon K. Lee

    Detection of Multiple Beta Shifts in Mutual Fund Returns Data

    • Thomas S. Howe ;
    • Ralph A. Pope

    Does it Pay to Invest in Middle East and North Africa Markets?

    • Tarek S. Zaher

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